The Bible-teaching ministry of Pastor Paul Stark

Frequently Asked Questions

I stopped getting the daily study. How do I get it back? 
1. Check your spam or junk folder. It may be there, especially if you have a Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail account. Move the email to your inbox, then "whitelist" or add the EDiBS email address to your address book so it will not be seen as spam by your email server.

2. Many people inadvertently unsubscribe from the ministry when they forward a daily email to a friend or family member. If the recipient hits the Unsubscribe button, it actually unsubscribes the account of the person who sent it. To fix this:

First, when you forward a daily email, rather than using your own email program just click the "Forward to Friend" button at the bottom of the study email. This will keep you from being unsubscribed by another person.  

Next, if you were accidentally unsubscribed, you can just come back to the website and resubscribe using the "Sign Up" link at the top of the page. We are unable to resubscribe you from this end because we are prevented by our email marketing firm from doing it ourselves.

The study email came today but the video does not match. What's wrong?
Our written study and our video post are handled by two different companies: Mailchimp and Vimeo. While the vast majority of the time the two match up at the same time, there are occasional instances when Vimeo is undergoing site maintenance or is backed up with many clients posting video at the same time. This can create a lag.  As with all Internet-based endeavors, there are also occasional technical difficulties on our end that simply take time to fix. Problems are rare, but when they do pop up everything is usually fixed by noon EDT. Thanks for hanging in there with us!

What are Pastor Paul's credentials/education?
Paul holds a Bachelor's degree in psychology and a social work ministry certificate from Christ College Irvine (May, 1990). He earned his M. Div. at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis (May, 1995) and was ordained into the pastoral ministry in July of 1995. He has done additional academic work in the field of Church Health & Discipleship at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA and regularly takes part in continuing education opportunities as he is able.

Can I share EDiBS with a friend or family member?
Absolutely! From the very beginning, EDiBS was designed with sharing in mind! You can direct your friends and loved ones to EDiBS in a variety of ways: share this website with them, share the daily study via your favorite social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) or simply forward the daily email to them. Our goal is to share Jesus Christ and His saving, forgiving love with as many people as possible. We love it when you partner with us in that endeavor!

Is EDiBS endorsed by a particular church or denomination?
No. While Pastor Paul holds membership within a denominational church, EDiBS has always been independent and nondenominational. Many pastors, district presidents (district supervisors), and congregations in Pastor Paul's denomination make use of and have recommended EDiBS to others as a doctrinally sound devotional resource, but no official endorsement has ever been given or sought. People of many different denominations make up the EDiBS family.

What is the reach of EDiBS, people/place-wise?
EDiBS currently has a regular daily reach of about 3,500 people in all 50 states and approximately 30 countries around the world. The top four countries in terms of user engagement are the U.S., Canada, Japan, and the Philippines. EDiBS is currently experiencing its greatest growth in South America and Southeast Asia. 

What does my donation to the ministry support?
As an online ministry, EDiBS incurs costs for many tech-related services and products: server, bandwidth, email marketing/distribution, video hosting, tech support, and software to name a few. There are additional hardware expenses: computer, camera, data storage, and sound equipment, all of which require periodic maintenance and replacement. Finally, there are regular office expenses: phone, postage, and occasional project work done by freelancers. From funds left over after costs each year, Pastor Paul receives a modest stipend governed and approved by the ministry's board of directors. 

Can my organization/church schedule Pastor Paul to speak?
Yes! Pastor Paul loves to be with folks and enjoys preaching, teaching, and encouraging God's family in any setting open to him. For availability, please contact Pastor Paul directly at

Where are the pictures on the website from?
Most of the pictures on the EDiBS website are of Pastor's former farm in the Missouri Ozarks or of the historic Porterdale Mill in Porterdale, GA where the EDiBS studio space is located. Still a lover of all things outdoors and all things plant-related, the move from the country back to the suburbs in 2014 did not dampen his enthusiasm for God's creation or his desire to be outside and enjoying it as often as possible.

I have a question that is not mentioned here. How can I get an answer?
For ministry questions and all other general inquiries, contact Pastor Paul at