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For years, Terry Sherry was puzzled. He noticed that while many people in his life seemed to love God and expressed a desire for a deeper relationship with Him, those same people were often disconnected spiritually and unengaged in the life and ministry of their local church. As he began to explore why, one thing immediately rose to the surface: people were unfamiliar with, and frankly intimidated by, their Bibles.

About EDiBS

Our Teacher & Sometime Hobby Farmer
Paul Stark was born and raised in southern California and has lived much of his life on the west coast. Through 20 years of pastoral ministry he served churches in California, Missouri and Georgia. Teaching, shepherding, and encouraging God’s people as his life’s calling is something for which he remains exceedingly grateful. Paul is a graduate of Christ College Irvine and Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. Learn more, follow his blog, and find more ministry resources at www.paulstark.life

They made little time to read, understood little when they did, and often ended up frustrated and discouraged instead of built up and equipped. That's why Terry and his wife, Linda, founded EDiBS: to help people engage with God's Word in a consistent, manageable, understandable way each day so that they could grow in their faith and live out Christ's love for them in a genuine, world-changing way. We're grateful to Terry and Linda for their vision, love and support to this very day. EDiBS is their gift to us all.

 The Bible-teaching ministry of Pastor Paul Stark

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